Design Technology

In Design and Technology children use creativity and imagination to design and make products for a specific purpose and a wide range of users.  We help them to develop the technical and practical skills needed to design and make their products confidently. We sometimes use ICT to assist with our design technology projects. 

In Key Stage 1 children learn how to design functional and appealing products for themselves and others. They generate and develop ideas, planning their product using drawings and templates and ICT where appropriate. Children explore technical concepts thinking about how things can be made stronger etc and begin to use mechanisms such as wheels and axles. They select and use a wide range of tools, equipment and materials to perform practical tasks and create their design. Children also evaluate existing products and their own finished project against given criteria. 

In Key Stage 2, children use research and develop design criteria to design innovative products fit for purpose. When designing, they develop and model their ideas through annotated sketches, technical diagrams, prototypes and computer aided design. When making, children use a wider range of specific tools to perform practical tasks and select from a wider range of construction materials and components according to functional properties and aesthetic qualities. They develop technical concepts such as strengthening more complex structures, use advanced mechanical systems in their products, use electrical systems in their projects and use computer programming to control their products. They evaluate their products against design criteria and look at how Design and Technology has shaped the world. 

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