ICT and Computing

ICT is a feature of our school and we have won several awards and competitions through our use of ICT.  We hold the ICT Mark, we are a Fronter Gold Champion, have won a 3rd Millennium Learning Award and, as a member of our staff is a master teacher of computing, we are a lead school for the DfE's Computing at School Programme. 

ICT is used to enhance learning throughout the curriculum.

Children learn all the programming skills covered in the National Curriculum for Computing.  They begin by devising sequences of instructions to control programmable toys; they use Scratch to produce animations; they learn to make mini robots respond to inputs from sensors and they write programs to control their own models.

We also aim for children to become digitally literate - confidently able to use, and express themselves through ICT. Children learn to use computers creatively in their writing, art work and music.  They learn presentation skills including combining text and graphics and how to record and edit video. Children use sensors in science and video to help them review and refine movement sequences in gymnastics and dance. We also use a wide variety of software to practice skills and help learn factual information in maths, literacy, science and other foundation subjects.