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All parents of children at The Jenny Hammond Primary School are automatically members of the Friends of Jenny Hammond. We are a registered charity which is run by the parents of The Jenny Hammond Primary School. Our aims are to:

  • Encourage and support a close relationship between the children, carers, parents, staff and all those associated with the school;
  • Engage in activities to support and advance the education and welfare of the pupils attending the school;
  • Enhance links with the local community.

 We try to achieve our goals by organising fundraising events such as the Christmas Bazaar and Summer Fete and by organising entertainment for the children such as the school disco.

In addition to this Friends of Jenny Hammond purchases dictionaries for all Year 6 pupils when they leave for secondary school; Christmas presents for every child; provides an annual grant for each class; and contributes to projects suggested by teachers and pupils which will benefit the whole school.

 Fundraising is hard work and requires parents’ time, skills, experience and enthusiasm. It is also incredibly rewarding, good fun and of great benefit to the children. We need every parents' help and time to make our fundraisers a success. The more who get involved, the less work it is for each parent and the more money we can raise for our children's development. If you have particular skills which you feel may benefit the work of Friends of Jenny Hammond such as in art and design, IT, marketing and advertising, contacts, please get involved.

 This is your organisation so your views count. If you become involved, Friends of Jenny Hammond will develop with you. Please join in and show your children that you are also involved in their school.